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Looking for a new team wear supplier? Look no further!

Paladin Sports is an innovative and proactive sporting goods brand originally based in Sydney, Australia with regional offices in New Zealand, the United Kingdom (London) and in the USA (New York) . Paladin's focus is on the provision of high quality sporting goods and apparel at accessible prices with a strong emphasis on customer service.

In 2014 Paladin was established in the US. Coming from the foundation of 5 years of experience in Australia, where we have provided high quality kit options to over 1700 sporting institutions, we are confident of providing the US with the same proven quality, service and delivery.

Our significant and tested range of products includes team and training wear for all sports, casual sports apparel, IRB approved rugby head gear, mouth guards, body armor, cold protection base layers, bags and backpacks, custom balls and field training equipment. All the products are available bespoke, we will work with you to get exactly the look you are after.

Paladin is not in the business of providing volume based 'off the shelf' clothing and simply adding a club or school logo and calling it ‘bespoke’. We individualise every garment and no product is repeated. The designs made for your organisation will be unique to you so you will never run the risk of standing next to another competitor with the only difference being your logos!

The only thing left is to let us prove it to you! Get in touch and give us a run!

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