Jamie Buhrer Auction Success

Last night (28 March 2017) the action closed for Jamie Buhrer's Headgear which was being actioned off to raise money and awareness for the Mark Hughes Foundation. The total amount raised was $911.00 which is a fantastic achievement and now one fan will be especially happy with the custom made headgear from Paladin which has been hand airbrushed by an incredible artist in Melbourne. Paladin started it's business with a set of headgear and as the company has grown and evolved into what it is today the headgear has also done the same. Paladin offers bespoke headgear which is customisable to any team, we have an array of colours to choose from and custom heat stamping facilities to brand them as per the teams requirements. For more on our headgear visit : http://www.paladinsports.com.au/headgear For more on the auction success visit : http://www.paladinsports.com.au/component/zoo/live-auction-jamie-buhrer-marvels
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