• new paladin logo

new paladin logo

Paladin Brand Evolution – La Flèche

Literally, “The Arrow” Paladin is excited to present our new brand logo that will feature on all Paladin branded products, marketing and literature from this time forward. The logo is a stylized representation of the feather fletching of a medieval arrow (derived from the French word Flèche) that provides stability to the arrow and helps guide it to its ultimate destination.

Think of yourself as the archer, knowing your target, success dependant on hitting the target. The bow is your vision, your hard work, the extension of your arm that will help you hit your target. But it needs a partner, an arrow, the engine room crafted by the most skilled fletcher that will take the arrow effortlessly from bow to target. Without the fletching, the arrow cannot fly.

Paladin is your arrow, take aim, release your vision, and let Paladin do the rest.

Hit the target every time. Excel, Succeed, Win.

Copyright Paladin Sports 2017
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